Line Dance Lessons

by Tani

Tani, Jessie, & Chuck

Don't Quit! Dances can feel very fast and long when you are first learning. It's okay to step out of line and watch if you are starting to tire, hurt, or get frustrated. Do not be discouraged if you do not get it immediately. It often takes 3 weeks to feel confident with a new dance. Keep practicing, you'll get it!

Dance Floor Etiquette

The dance floor is divided into concentric lanes. The outside lane is the FAST lane. Traffic moves around the dance floor in a counter-clockwise direction. If you are going slow, stay in an inner lane and let people pass you on the outside. If you are doing a stationary dance such as a line dance or swing dance instead of a progressive dance, you should dance in the center area of the floor. Line dancers should never line up clear out to the rail and block progressive dancers. Line dancers should also be aware of those around them and aware that progressive dancers may be coming around the edge of the floor. The faster the song, the smaller the steps! Be nice to your fellow dancers and try not to bump into people. If you do cause a wreck, smile and look apologetic. You will usually get a smile in return. Everyone came to have fun.

Drinks should never be brought onto the dance floor and it's not cool to stand on the dance floor to socialize. Children that are dancing should be accompanied by an adult and follow dance floor etiquette as well. Children should not be left to run on the dance floor as this can cause a safety hazard.

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